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ImproveAmerica, Inc. will provide professional design and building services including room additions for residential remodeling projects to provide for growing families as well as making existing homes fully accessible for people of all ages. We stress quality in our workmanship, the utmost respect for our customers and a finished product second to none. We will apply faith-based principles in every facet of our operation.

ImproveAmerica, Inc. is a proud member of the following organizations:
Visit the Home Builders Association of Southern Tennessee website HBA-TN
Visit the National Association of Home Builders website NAHB
Visit the Remodelors Council webpage Remodelors Council
Visit the CAPS webpage on NAHB website Certified Aging in Place

About ImproveAmerica, Inc.

Growing up in a home where my father sold construction services as early as 1958, I was indoctrinated early in life as to the impact of making something of value even better... improvement! As I grew up, I helped dad on weekends with window installations from time to time.

In the mid 1970's, I worked on framing crews building homes during my summers away from college. In 1978, after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration, I accepted a job in Atlanta as a commercial property and casualty underwriter. While I was happy landing a job within two weeks after graduation, I still longed to have my own business in some facet of the construction industry.

One weekend, during a visit back home, I approached my father about expanding his part-time, home-based, business into something better. He agreed and our company was chartered in March of 1979. We opened for business in a small building in Fort Oglethorpe. The company was called Madaris Exteriors. While my father worked another job during the day, I managed the company on a daily basis.

Our business grew and within five years, we were well over one million dollars in sales. During this time, my younger brother joined the business but didn't own any interest in the company stock.

My father and brother wanted to concentrate on vinyl siding and windows because at that time, the volume of orders we were receiving did not allow any additional time to take on renovations or other management-intensive projects (i.e. room additions, decks and remodeling). Therefore, I handled all the remodeling services in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge. That's when I realized we were neglecting a vast majority of projects and a real need for improvement in our business. As time passed, I continued to see the potential for a great business in residential remodeling and at the appropriate time offered to exchange my portion of the company stock for that part of the business not being cultivated.

In the winter of 2000, I put my idea into fruition by assembling a "core" team of experienced and highly skilled construction professionals. Because most general contractors sub-contract every function of a job (sub-contractors work for themselves in many cases) the contractor loses the ability to control the project and complete it on time or on budget. Thus the customer becomes secondary. At ImproveAmerica, Inc., we feel that these types of contractors cannot possibly offer the best customer service.

My customers agree with my philosophy and ImproveAmerica, Inc. is growing steadily. Sales have consistently grown, as has our list of satisfied and repeat customers, surpassing all expectations since 2001.


It is common knowledge that anyone who owns a pickup truck and some tools can get into the remodeling industry.  We set ourselves apart from everyone:

  1. 5 Year Warranty
  2. In-House Designing and Planning
  3. Affordability and Dependability
  4. Projects consistently completed on budget
  5. Projects consistently completed in a timely manner
  6. 40 years of on-the-job experience
  7. Licensed, Insured and Educated
  8. Honest, Trustworthy and Professional
  9. Quality Workmanship
  10. We respect that your Home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime
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