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Improve America, Inc
327 Cherokee Blvd.
P.O. Box 4954
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Office: 423.622.0888
Fax: 423.622.8833


The many services available at ImproveAmerica Inc. include:

  • Room Additions
    • Sunrooms for enjoyment
    • Bedrooms for growing families
    • Bathrooms for convenience
    • Guestrooms for accomodation
    • Playrooms for Kids to play
    • Workshop for dad!
  • Attic/Basement Remodels
    • Gameroom for kids
    • Extra bedroom
    • Office at home
    • Entertaining area
    • Storage space
    • Theater room
    • Extra bathroom
  • Baths & Kitchens
    • Updating floors, walls & windows
    • Updating electrical & plumbing fixtures
    • Updating cabinets & countertops
    • Converting unused tub space to trendy larger shower unit
    • Adding a jacuzzi
    • Update appliances
  • Decks
    • Updating existing (or unusable) structure with new technologies
    • For enjoying the outdoors in comfort and style
    • For relaxation after a long day at work
    • For entertaining or barbecuing on the weekend
    • Tear down and take away services available
  • Screened Porches
    • For enjoying the outdoors in a controlled area
    • For decreasing insects entering living space
    • For relaxation after work
    • Affordablity
    • Future footprint for sunroom
  • Garages
    • To protect cars (and you) from the elements
    • For a new boat
    • To accomodate extra equipment (lawn mower, garden tools ...etc.)
    • For a new car for mom!
    • Workshop for dad!
  • Accessibility Remodeling (Universal Design)
    • Handicap ramps leading to main entrance
    • Grab bars in bathtub or shower
    • Pullout cabinets
    • Widening doorways
    • Easy to use fixtures
    • Lowering light switches
    • Increased lighting
    • Safety measures for steps
Before and After Project Photos

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